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Traditional Costume

Longyi is the native dress of the Myanmar people. Ideal for Myanmar’s Humid climate, this versatile long wrap-around cloth is traditionally worn by both genders with distinct features separating the two. The longyi worn by men is called a Paso while those worn by women are called a Htamein. A Paso usually comes in stripes or checks and can even be worn inside out while a Htamein comes in countless floral and colored designs. Longyi styles differ for some of the ethnicity. Women of Kachin wear Htamein with colourful patterns against bright red color. While Burmese wear silk longyi in bright, shiny colors and some have zig-zag pattern on them. Kayin people wear longyi with simple horizontal stripes.        Although there are no hard and fast rules for dressing, we recommend dressing conservatively but comfortably. Some pagodas may have dress requirements, so kindly check beforehand. We would suggest avoiding revealing clothing to get a local feeling. Knee length pants and long flowing skirts are recommended. Wear comfortable footwear such as flip flops. Wearing loose cotton clothing will help you cope up with the heat and humidity. Travel around Myanmar looking like a local by getting a longyi for yourself. Burmese dress are easily found in the markets. So, put on Longyi, blend into the Burmese environment, move around with comfort and make your trip to Myanmar for the unforgettable experiences.

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